Ethical gifts – Reusable notebook cover A4


An eco-friendly notebook and cover made of an original handmade cyanotype on cotton?sateen.

For some people, like me, your notebook is your life, your lifeline and you feel naked with out it. It’s our second brain for when the first fails us, we know we can trust it and we get a thrill from confiding in it and planning our lives with it.

Shroud your notebook in an original piece of art that will last centuries! Yep, you heard that right. Cyanotype is archival and the first cyanotypes ever made, 200 years ago are still as vibrant and blue today as the day they were made.

I have opened up a limited number of spots for booking a place to have your custom notebook cover made to order before Christmas 2023.

Each cover is made to your design requests and I can also customise its size for your favourite notebook. This listing covers sizes up to approximately A4 (29 X 22cm).

Or you can choose to have a lined notebook included (free!).


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