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Where the tranquil moments of nature are captured in stunning blueprints that narrate a story. Jess, the founder and creative force behind these artworks, has transitioned from a career as a Conservation Ecologist to becoming an artist—a journey fuelled by her deep passion for the natural world and the complex interactions within the Australian bush.

Blue Bower Art is renowned for its specialisation in cyanotype art, an enchanting process as antique as photography itself but with a unique twist: no camera is required. 

Utilising only sunlight, specially treated paper, and natural elements, the technique allows sunlight to etch shadows of leaves, feathers, and flowers onto the paper, bathing everything it touches in shades of vibrant blue. 

Each artwork is one-of-a-kind, capturing fleeting moments of nature that will never be replicated.

What's happening in the studio?

  • Blue Bower Art Studio has just moved to sunny Queensland
  • I am recovering from some serious health troubles and taking it slowly in getting the studio back up and running. 
  • In 2024, Jess is focusing on bringing her products to retailers and to her loyal customers at a scale that could not be achieved before. New products are arriving as you read this and they will be shared with you soon!
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Jess is so talented! Her love and passion for Cyanotype really shows through in the quality of the work that she produces. Jess recently created a pair of overalls for me and I just absolutely love them! The colour and the print are beautiful and her service was fantastic

- Sinead


Art of a glorious deep cerulean blue with the shadow of Australian native plants imprinted on top. Utterly beautiful in their simplicity.

- Fiona


I purchased the most exquisite hand made Christmas cards from Blue Bower Art. Truly exceptional. I love that they are Australian made with Australian nature.

- Billie

Photo of Jesse 05

Dr. Jessica Hodgson is a conservation ecologist turned artist now living and working on Badtjala Country in the stunning Hervey Bay Region of Qld, Australia. 

Combining her scientific background, her love of nature, and her creative child within, Blue Bower Art was born.

I wish to acknowledge the land that I have lived and worked on as Blue Bower Art Studio was never ceded. Currently I live on Badtjala Country. I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, their leaders current, past and emerging. 
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