Traditionally used by architects and engineers cyanotypes are considered one of the oldest and most unique photographic printing processes in the history of photography.

Help bring this 181-year-old traditional art form back to life

An original cyanotype artwork featuring Eucalyptus leaves hanging with a mottled and textured blue backgroud. The leaves are outlines with gold paint. The title of this pieces is Golden hour as it is inspired by the time of day as the sun sets where the light in forests turns the most beautiful shade of gold.

Made with Nature By Nature

This alternative, creative art uses the gifts of the universe.

Combining sun and water, with a special potassium-based paint exquisite natural silhouettes are exposed.

Each piece is handmade and one of a kind, with no camera involved!

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'Gorgeous! Jess did a beautiful job with a photo I love. Her communication and service were superb. I don't have a photo to share because it is off being framed but I'm a very happy customer'.

- K.J


When I saw this art form I knew it was for me, I love all things blue and white and with a background in environmental science it seemed like a perfect match for me. So happy with how the pictures look in my home.

- Marianne


Love this print so much.Looks great paired with the Grevillea.

- Edana

Photo of Jesse 05

Dr. Jessica Hodgson is a conservation ecologist located in the stunning Southern Tablelands, NSW. 

Combining her educational background, her love for nature, and her creative expression Blue Bower Art was born (formerly known as The Cerulean Bower).

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