Ecological art made with, in and by nature..

In an era of accelerated urbanization and a growing sense of disconnection from the natural world, how can we reconnect? The answer is simple: art made with the sun. The collection of work by Blue Bower Art serves as a reminder of the beauty that exists in nature – connecting us with its cycles and helping us to appreciate detail not noticed previously. This art form has been used for centuries to photographically preserve special moments and catalogue species, so why not make it spring eternal?

Art that is good for the planet

Cyanotype art is created with sunlight and real pressed plants, making it a beautiful and eco-friendly way to decorate your home.

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'Gorgeous! Jess did a beautiful job with a photo I love. Her communication and service were superb. I don't have a photo to share because it is off being framed but I'm a very happy customer'.

- K.J


When I saw this art form I knew it was for me, I love all things blue and white and with a background in environmental science it seemed like a perfect match for me. So happy with how the pictures look in my home.

- Marianne


Love this print so much.Looks great paired with the Grevillea.

- Edana

Photo of Jesse 05

Dr. Jessica Hodgson is a conservation ecologist living and working on Gundungarra country in the stunning Southern Tablelands, NSW. 

Combining her scientific background, her love of nature, and her creative child within, Blue Bower Art was born.

We acknowledge the land that we live and work on always was and always will be Gundungarra country.
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