Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra), Original Cyanotype Wall Art


Why buy a reproduction artwork print when you can own an original art piece?

This Themeda triandra, more commonly known as Kangaroo Grass is widespread across Australia where heavy grazing has not caused its displacement.

There are multiple slightly different compositions available for this species and in stock. Please get in touch if you are after a specific composition, otherwise, I will select one on your behalf.

Materials: This original artwork is made using finely woven cotton fabric

Size: The artwork is cut by hand to fit a standard 8 x 10 inch / 20 x 25 cm frame

This original artwork makes a gorgeous statement piece to your wall decor or a unique ‘something blue’ wedding gift for the art, nature, photography, or science lover in your life. They look especially dramatic when multiple are grouped together on a gallery wall.

The cyanotype process exposes the photogram to UV light. Some artists use artificial UV light for the most consistent results, I use the sun instead (see the ‘Behind the Scenes page for more info and videos on the development process).

This inevitably means that each piece is unique and can vary slightly with the time of year, time of day, and weather conditions. Variations that may occur are; the shade of the blue and the contrast of the image. Sometimes these aspects are controllable, sometimes they are not.

I strive for 100% client satisfaction and each piece can be made to order, therefore if you have particular preferences, i.e. you would like a very deep blue, please get in touch to ask if it can be achieved. I am happy to accommodate as much as possible.

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