Mushroom Wall Art (Amanita muscaria), Original Cyanotype Wall Art


My friends are wonderful in that they are always keeping an eye out for interesting wild specimens that I can give a new life to in my artwork. One of my friends, gave me an enormous fairy toadstool. You know the ones. They are big and red white the classic white spots. Very toxic and not native to Australia. She found it in her garden and saved it for me knowing i could probably create somehting interesting with it. Unlike my other artworks where i use the specimen to block light, i used the mushroom cap as a stamp instead. I painted the solution onto the gills of the mushroom and pressed it to the page. Cyanotype is a beautiful process that allows you to appreciate details of nature in a whole new form.

I’m in love with the result, and i hope you are too.

This is an original handmade cyanotype photogram/sun print, not a digital reproduction, nor is it reprinted using a digital negative which means that it is currently available in one size only (life size because of the contact printing nature of the process). The specimen is reused again and again to cause as little to no harm as possible to the wild populations. Each print is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and mounted to order. As such, the position of the specimen may move slightly each time. Other aspects that can vary are the intensity of the blue and contrast. These vary with the weather conditions such as the time of day, time of year and cloud cover. Rest assured that I will never send you a piece I am not proud of.

Materials: This original artwork is made using professional quality watercolour 300gsm paper

Size: The artwork is mounted onto gallery-quality, acid-free mounting board ready to frame in an 20 x20 cm frame

I strive for 100% client satisfaction therefore if you have particular preferences, i.e. you would like a very deep blue, please get in touch to ask if it can be achieved. I am happy to accommodate as much as possible.

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