Golden Wattle – original Australian botanical art


The Golden Wattle is my favourite piece in this collection of original artworks. Initially, I thought this piece was a disappointment and it sat untouched for months in my studio until I finally made the effort of mounting it. Inspired by the fresh bright blossoms emerging on the local wattles in September, I added gold paint and suddenly it was my most impressive piece. I’m very tempted to keep it.

This is an original handmade cyanotype sun print that additionally incorporates the experimental wet cyanotype process and gold paint. The wet cyanotype process is random and experimental in nature. These artworks incorporate other, sometimes ?wet? ingredients into the exposure. They are typically completely unique and very difficult to replicate making them truly one-of-a-kind originals.

If you would like to own an original artwork that was made with and by nature using the gifts of the sun and earth, then look no further than this collection of original works of 2022. You will not regret the investment in an original art piece that, with care, will last for centuries. Indeed, the earliest cyanotypes are just as vivid today as the day they were made, such is the archival nature of cyanotype.

The emulsion has been painted on the cotton paper page by me and the specimen was collected and pressed from my conservation property. All care is taken to only collect the minimum amount of plant material necessary. Specimens are then reused again and again so as to cause as little to no harm as possible to the wild plants. Each piece is handmade, and an original exclusively one-of-a-kind piece.

Materials: This original artwork is made using quality hot-pressed cotton heavyweight paper

Size: The artwork is

Each artwork is carefully packaged, protected and firmly transported in a box to minimize any chance of damage while in transit. Clients are most welcome to collect from my home in Tarago, NSW if they prefer.

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