Winnie the Weedy Seadragon – Australian Ocean Wall Art – Original

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This original artwork features the delicate flowers of several different species growing wild on my rural bush property. They delicately make up the tail and fins of this Weedy Seadragon named Winnie. The weedy seadragon is a species of Seahorse endemic to Australia’s Southern Coast. This is the third Australian Animal in the Aussie Wildlife Series.

$50.oo from the sale of this piece will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society

I had a professor who once said, and it has stayed with me, that fauna cannot exist without flora nor can flora exist without fauna. A great deal of my scientific career has been pursuing and understanding and communicating the importance of this simple fact, and now I aim to capture and communicate it through my artwork.

This is an original cyanotype sun print made by hand and there is only one.

If you would like to own an original artwork that was made with and by nature using the gifts of the sun and earth, then look no further than this collection of Australian animals of 2023. You will not regret the investment in an original art piece that, with care, will last for centuries. Indeed, the earliest cyanotypes are just as vivid today as the day they were made, such is the archival nature of cyanotype.

The illustration has been been painted using the cyanotype emulsion in combination with multiple exposures to and layers of painting to achieve the changes in colour depth. The page is a premium water colour cotton paper hot pressed and and the flora specimens were all collected from my property and pressed by me. All specimens are collected under a general wildlife licence and care is taken to only collect the minimum amount of plant material necessary. Specimens are then reused again and again so as to cause as little to no harm as possible to the wild plants. Each piece is handmade, and an original exclusively one-of-a-kind piece.

Materials: This original artwork is on sustainably made, vegan-friendly Hahnemuhle Platinum Cotton 308gsm Rag. The artwork comes carefully packaged and ready to frame.

Size: 11 inches by 15 inches

Each artwork is carefully packaged, protected, and firmly transported to minimize any chance of damage while in transit. Clients are most welcome to collect from my home in Tarago, NSW if they prefer.

*Giclee prints of this artwork will be available soon on this page, bookmark it now.

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