They say that you’ll never work a day in your life if you do something you love.

Well as it turns out, this is 100% true.

Photo of Jessica Hodgson working in the field kneeling down recording data about small plants on the ground. She wears a wide brim hat and a green shirt. She is holding a notebook and pen.

Hi, I am Jess, a self-confessed bird nerd, plant geek, and lover of nature. I am a Conservation Ecologist by training and I have spent ten-plus years studying the intricate and delicate interdependence and adaptations between native Australian wildlife and flora.

I am fortunate enough to be the custodian of a nature-rich 20-acre parcel of land located near the beautiful Tarago NSW. This is my
happy place and allows me the creative space to pursue my love of the cyanotype – artworks that are considered the original
photography technique. Pretty special right?

I am asked so often how one stumbles across something as unusual and uncommon as cyanotype. I mean it’s not your run-of-the-mill art form, is it? Whilst the cyanotype process is said to

have been invented by Sir John Herschel, an astronomer who was
trying to find a way to copy his notes in 1842, it was my
admiration of the work of botanist Anna Atkins that connected me to this blueprint style of photography.

A botanist and trailblazer, it is thought that Anna was the first woman to take photographs. She published her first book to catalog her specimens in 1843 and used the cyanotype photographic process, showcasing a beautiful collection of blueprint photography creating a mix of art and science.

I have been able to use my background in conservation,
my love of nature, and my fascination for the cyanotype process to create pieces that are truly unique. No two pieces are the same and depending on the time of day, month, year, and exposure, each piece is as individual as
the specimen being captured.

Photo of Jessica Hodgson collecting flowering yellow wattles. She wears a wide brim hat and a beige shirt. She is using secateurs to cut a small branchlet from a tree.
Dr Jess, is holding a juvenile Straw-necked ibis that she has caught as part of research on their movements. She is sitting in a kayak in a wetland and is wearing camouflage clothing.

I am fascinated by the relationships of nature, and spent several years studying the Bowerbirds specifically for a PhD. Blue Bower Art is the culmination of my two loves uniting and allows me to use my educational background combined with my creative expression to create something really magical

So if you are looking for me, you will find me in my happy place, collecting specimens, enjoying my surroundings, and creating lasting impressions using an age-old process that creates timeless pieces that I love and hope you will too.

Love Dr. Jess, bird nerd, plant geek, and artist xx

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