Handmade Greeting Card – Skeletonised leaf series


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Nothing shows love quite like a handmade card.

Inspired by nature and made using real pressed flowers, leaves, and the sun, each card is truly one-of-a-kind.

For these cards I have created an original piece of botanical cyanotype art featuring the delicate flowers of various native Australian lilies, kangaroo apple and bluebells. Each flower has been carefully pressed and dried and arranged with tweezers, whilst holding my breath onto the page. I have experimented and collaborated with the sun to capture the perfect exposure to reveal the detail in the petals of these lovely wildflowers.

The card itself was handmade by a one woman small business from South Australia (www.zwartko.com). Charlotte collects recycle office papers locally and using traditional methods, she pulps, creates and dries this gorgeous paper in the sun as well. It results in a beautifully formed and textured page that just feels delightful to touch.

The artwork is removable so you can reuse, frame or treasure the original art piece for many years to come. Each of these cards takes up to half an hour to make and come with a kraft paper envelope.

Handmade nature

Due to being handmade, each one is different and may vary slightly from that which is pictured.


Weight 0.0027 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 0.1 cm

Single large leaf, Leaf litter

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Handmade Greeting Card – Skeletonised leaf series