Australian Bottlebrush Flower, Original Cyanotype Wall Art


Looking for an original art piece to anchor your room?

A piece that restores calm through beautiful blue hues and native flora?

The Callistemon Bottlebrush flower is an original artwork and the perfect piece to add a layer of depth to your special space.

The Callistemon is an iconic native symbol of Australasia and is adored by butterflies and native birds and makes the perfect statement in your home.

Hand-printed using a specimen collected from my own garden in rural NSW, the Callistemon can stand alone or be grouped together as the dramatic hero of the room.

With many variables at play, such as weather, time of year, and time of day, each piece is individual and reflects my unique process. Using the natural gifts of the sun, the cyanotype process exposes the specimen in UV light creating a stunning silhouette photogram.

The Callistemon Bottlebrush is a simple yet complex artwork that draws attention through subtlety and composure.

A beautiful gift, a stunning addition to a home or office, the Cerulean Bower’s signature chroma of blue, sets the scene for timelessness, serenity, and simplicity.

Styling Tips: Lean on a sideboard and create an eclectic-themed vignette of amber bottles, native flora, natural gemstones, and similar coloured books.

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