Blue Print of the Month Club

Embrace Nature’s Beauty: A Year of Botanical Cyanotype Art 

Celebrate Nature’s Beauty with a Collection of Cyanotype Art 

Botanical cyanotype prints are a harmonious blend of art, science and nature, where the organic meets chemistry and the artistic. Each print is a love letter to the earth, preserving the intricate details of their form as seen by the sun. Each original art work will reveal a new perspective of nature you had not considered before.

The Perfect Gift for Nature Lovers

Gift the joy of a year-long journey through the world of botanical beauty. Share the magnificence of the natural world through a subscription that keeps on giving. Each print is not just a piece of art; it’s a moment of serenity and a reminder of the beauty in the world.

Why Choose A Cyanotype Art Subscription?

    Diversity: Explore the Australia’s flora and fauna with prints ranging from the most delicate of wings to strength in foliage.

    Conservation Ethos: I myself am formally a conservation ecologist and bringing awareness to the plight of species, educating others about the natural world and considering the impact of my art, my business, my life on the environment is at the core of my identity. A portion of each subscription goes toward supporting conservation organisations.

    Connect with Nature in a New Way: Each cyanotype print reveals details of nature and its form as seen by the sun. Each flower stamen, each hole chewed by a hungry caterpillar or the change of colours in feathers. Few have celebrated the beauty of nature from that perspective before. 

    Flexible Payment Plans: There are three convenient payment options, including a significant discount for annual subscriptions.

Subscription Plans

1. Monthly Subscription: Delight in a new botanical cyanotype print every two months for just $19AUD per month.

2. Bi-Monthly Subscription: Delight in a new botanical cyanotype print every two months for just $38AUD every second month.

3. Annual Subscription (Save 13%): Prepay for the full year and receive all six stunning botanical prints for the special price of $199AUD.

Gift a Year of Nature’s Beauty: Share the gift of an annual subscription with a fellow nature enthusiast and let them experience the joy of botanical art throughout the year.

Your Subscription Includes:

  1. A bi-monthly delivery of an original work of cyanotype art for a full year.
  2.  Videos and photos of behind the scenes and the making of each print
  3. 20% off, always, in the Blue Bower Art online store at
  4. Free postage Australia wide!

Imagine receiving a surprise original artwork six times a year!

This Club is only open to a limited number of people and the first print will arrive in December 2023 in time for Christmas. 

Choose your subscription plan now and start your journey of art collecting

Level Price  
Blue Print of the Month Club – monthly $38.00 now and then $19.00 per Month for 10 more Months. Select
Blue Print of the Month Club – bimonthly $38.00 now and then $38.00 every 2 Months for 5 more payments. Select
Blue Print of the Month Club – Annual Upfront $199.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
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